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Christian Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The Christian Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at Faith Christian Center is a one-day experience on a Saturday. Attendees learn how to succeed at their entrepreneurial calling from a biblical perspective and receive godly counsel about their specific idea.

God has given many believers entrepreneurial ideas that bring value to others and profits to themselves. However, there is a BIG GAP between having God-given ideas and successfully implementing them. To close this gap, our Christian Entrepreneurship bootcamps help attendees:

  • Clarify the idea that God has placed in their heart
  • Develop the proper biblical mindset to profit from their idea
  • Remove the spiritual roadblocks that are impeding their success
  • Discover the heart of God on selling products and services for money
  • Receive godly counsel on their specific God-given idea

Amos Johnson Jr, PhD Church for Entrepreneurs

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