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Our Vision

Pastor Kerrick Butler

Mission Statement

To make Jesus famous in Atlanta and beyond by being a blessing to neighborhoods and nations.

How Will We Achieve Our Mission?

Teach. Develop. Be.

We will practically and creatively teach the Word of God to develop believers to be a blessing to their world.

Be A Blessing To:

  • Neighborhoods
    • We are committed to being a multi-generational church that is a church home for all people of every race, creed, national origin.
    • A neighborhood is a community of families. We are committed to developing strong families by the practical teaching of the Word of God.
    • We are committed to being an integral part of our community which means we will reach out to every class, age group, and background in our community.
    • We will develop campus ministries on every college and university campus in Metro Atlanta.
    • We will develop churches throughout the Metro Atlanta area, Georgia, and the South East region of the United States.
  • Nations
    • We will take the Faith Experience to cities and nations throughout the world.
    • We will support Keith Butler Ministries (KBM), its missionaries, and its schools throughout the world.
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